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Is a Call Center Right for My Business?

A Call Center is a service designed to manage a high volume of inbound calls effectively. Call centers are made up of specialized call center Agents which take calls. Agents also have control over their availability in the call queues via the web portal.

Call centers are often used in high-volume settings where there is a demand for statistics which help supervisors analyze, customize and streamline their call center to their needs. These statistics are recorded both per the Agent and per the Hunt Group.

NextLevel’s Call Center service allows for multiple, skills-based Hunt Groups that cater toward specific caller needs and/or Agent skills. Agents can be members of a single or multiple Hunt Groups. Calls are routed to Agents based on options, priority, and received order (which can be customized for each Hunt Group).

Call Centers also come with a login that is limited to viewing the Call Center and Statistics of that domain.

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Get the Perfect Call Center without the High Cost of Creating Your Own.


Extremely Affordable –

Why potentially spend $100,000 or more on a Call Center when you can get up and running with NextLevel’s for next to nothing. Use the savings for your business where it can be used more effectively.


Extremely Flexible –

Agents can easily work remotely while your Call Center Supervisor easily monitors call statistics geographically from anywhere. Our sophisticated call routing options allow agents to take calls from anywhere in the world. Agents working remotely and / or from their home also allows for more affordable labor… without brick and mortar overhead.


Extremely Scalable –

Get the system that fits your needs now. No need to purchase a Call Center Suite that’s more than you need to grow into or to worry about outgrowing. Get rid of PRI’s altogether! The scalability of NextLevel lets you expand your call center capabilities as your needs grow. It’s just that simple.

The above are just a few reasons why Dell, Jet Blue and other high volume companies have put their Call Center in the Cloud.