|NextConnect File Download and Getting Started

To begin using the NextConnect CRM Integration app you will need the following:

  1. The NextConnect installer application
  2. Your NextConnect Serial number (license)
  3. Your NextLevel Portal credentials (username and password)

The serial number will be provided to the Technical Contact for your account after the NextConnect feature has been enabled.

Install the NextConnect CRM Integration App

Download and run the NextConnect installer application. This may require Windows Administrator rights. Contact your company’s network administrator for assistance.

Download the NextConnect installer file (exe): Exe. file

Download the NextConnect installer as a zip file: Zip file

Enter your Credentials

Once installation is complete the app will automatically open to the “Telephony” > “Configuration” section. Activate NextConnect by entering your credentials.

  • Enter the provided Serial Number in the indicated field. A green check mark will appear to indicate you have a valid license.
  • Click the “Set” button to confirm.
  • Enter your NextLevel portal login in the “Username” field. This is the ext@domain username, such as 1001@acme. This is not your email address.
  • Enter your NextLevel portal password in the “Password” field.
  • Click “Save”.

  • The application window will be minimized, and you will see an alert in your system tray that the app is “Applying new settings”

  • When you have entered the credentials successfully, the system tray indicator will turn green to notify you that the phone is “On Hook” and ready to accept calls.

Your NextConnect CRM Integration is now configured and connected to your NextLevel extension. Now you can begin connecting to your CRM and other Applications.

Note – To manually access the configuration settings:

  1. Right-click the NextConnect CRM Integration application in the system tray (the icon is a gray or green square). This will bring up the app menu
  2. Click “Configuration” (the gear icon)
  3. Click “Telephony” under the “General” tab


For more information on Integrations please go to our support page: https://www.nextlevelinternet.com/support/crm/en/topic/integrations