Power and Cooling

NextLevel offers the ideal networking and hosting environment for mission-critical equipment. NextLevel’s power and cooling service provides carrier-class stability and environmental control.

Power & Cooling Features

NextLevel provides you with:

  • The ability to customize your solution to accommodate your needs.
  • Highly reliable facilities with redundant battery and diesel generator backup.
  • Power solutions designed to cool and protect your mission-critical equipment.
  • Standard offerings that include AC power in a variety of voltages and amperages.
Power to the Nth Degree

NextLevel Power and Cooling services supply ample power to meet your co-location needs. Each NextLevel access gateway has redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). AC power is available in a variety of amperages common to meet the needs of data center and network equipment.

You can choose from any number of power configurations for cabinets and private suites. If your power needs fall outside of NextLevel’s preconfigured options, we will work with you to find the right power solution.

Your Servers are Safe

With NextLevel’s Power and Cooling services, you can be confident that your server requirements are consistently being met. NextLevel access facilities provide two types of backup to your normal power supply: battery and diesel generator.

Battery backup and emergency generators provide enough backup power to keep NextLevel operational at maximum load. Customer-powered AC equipment, as well as core facility-powered AC equipment is backed up by batteries within the UPS.

Diesel generator capacity is designed at a minimum to meet utility-grade load. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) provides a smooth transition to generator backup when the utility feed is lost.

Your Equipment is Protected

Our access facilities are designed to provide the optimum co-location environment. Temperature and humidity sensors located throughout the facility help ensure that proper levels are maintained. The facilities are equipped as follows:

  • Facility HVAC units are spread evenly throughout the gateways and are fully equipped to support typical computer room applications with humidifiers and electric reheat coils to control humidity.
  • Raised floor environments efficiently move and distribute air to maintain consistent data center temperatures.
  • Perforated tiles deliver air to the co-location area and can be moved / added to redirect cool air into warm spots.
  • Overhead racks distribute electrical cables, which allow the raised floors to move air without any obstructions.

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