NextLevel Co-Location provides flexible choices for space and connectivity in a highly controlled, carrier-neutral environment.

NextLevel Space and Connectivity Features

State-of-the-Art and Secure

NextLevel Co-Location facilities boast carrier-class space built according to International Telecommunications Environmental and Security Standards.

Multi-layer security control procedures, steel reinforced concrete walls, biometric scanners, motion detection systems and closed-circuit video monitoring.

Uninterruptible AC power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable – meeting all types of client power needs.

HVAC redundant with under-floor moisture detection and air distribution for maximum temperature control.
Fire Suppression

Smoke and heat detection system above and below raised floor, with double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression.
Overhead Cable Management and Ladder Racking

Provides easy access to all cabling while deterring obstructions from under the raised flooring.

NextLevel has an open policy regarding interconnection among its clients. This policy allows clients to multi-home their upstream connectivity, peer directly with other providers, or connect to any other NextLevel client in the gateway.

Clients can access other Top Tier IP networks.
Flexible cross-connect policy

Cross connects can help clients link equipment from cabinet-to-cabinet, rack-to-rack, client-to-vendor, or peer-to-peer. NextLevel supports virtually all standard cabling and port types, including POTS, DS1, DS3, OC-n, 100BT, 10GIG-E and 106-16E. Cross connects are provisioned using a proprietary system, which frequently results in installation times as short as 1 day.
Broad Coverage

NextLevel has access to co-location where you need it. If you need co-location in multiple markets, NextLevel can serve as a single-provider solution offering regional pricing and centralized access procedures.
Customized and Pre-Configured Options

NextLevel Co-Location offers a range of flexible options that address a wide variety of client needs.

Pre-built co-location cabinets offer pre-configured power and can be installed in days.

NextLevel offers space in private suites customized to meet your exact, customizable rack needs.

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