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NextLevel Internet’s Hosted Voice System Simplifies Office Moves and Reduces Organizational Costs

NextLevel Internet’s Hosted Voice System Simplifies Office Moves and Reduces Organizational Costs
NextLevel Voice platform delivers advanced features and security of a sophisticated PBX system for a fraction of the price

2009-04-07: NextLevel Internet, Inc., Southern California’s leading mission critical Internet access provider, today announced a cost effective alternative for companies moving their antiquated Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or hybrid key system to a new office location as a result of their growth or downsizing activities.  NextLevel’s highly flexible hosted voice service, NextLevel Voice™, provides small and medium-sized organizations the advanced features and security of a sophisticated PBX system for a fraction of the cost, with unsurpassed ease of use and often with zero system set up and maintenance fees.

For most businesses, separate telephone and data systems require the deployment of multiple pieces of networking equipment and numerous cable drops to connect the company’s PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  As a highly scalable hosted solution, NextLevel Voice eliminates the traditional phone wiring requirements and the need to move your old phone system or pay the traditional phone vendor a fee to move the system to the new office.   NextLevel Voice also eliminates costly maintenance and upgrade fees associated with obsolete phone equipment, while often getting rid of some of the monthly fees associated with a company’s access to the PSTN.

“Companies that are moving or even downsizing can upgrade to our new, flexible NextLevel Voice system for much less than the cost of moving their old voice system to a new building,” said Jerry Morris, general manager and founder of NextLevel Internet.  “NextLevel ports existing telephone numbers and builds and tests its clients’ entire hosted voice solution prior to the move so that all of the headaches of moving and cabling for the old system are eliminated.  We also eliminate confusing and restrictive PRI bundles and having to deal with the phone company during the move.”

NextLevel Voice is built upon NextLevel Internet’s voice-prioritized Clear Channel Voice system, allowing the network to carry voice traffic in the same capacity as it does data traffic.  The Clear Channel Voice foundation allows small to medium businesses to quickly and confidently support between 5 and 200+ users.  NextLevel Voice is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, managing, and supporting an obsolete PBX or hybrid key system.

“As an SMB that was moving locations, we needed to be up and functioning at a price and time period that was impossible for the phone company and our previous phone vendor to support,” said Heather McCullogh of McCullogh & Associates of San Diego, California.  “Our firm will survive in large part due to the services that NextLevel Internet has provided, bringing everything together in such a short time during the move.”

Features of NextLevel Voice include but are not limited to:

  • Predictable operating expenses – The NextLevel Voice platform has low to no capital costs with zero maintenance fees, zero management expenses, and flat rate, per seat pricing.
  • Flawless voice quality – NextLevel Voice delivers carrier-grade voice service over a Tier 1 network that is specifically designed to provide exceptional clarity, reliability, and redundancy.
  • Simplicity and flexibility – Place the order and have voice services in minutes, not days or weeks.  Fast growing companies and distributed companies with a large number of off-site employees are all supported with free unlimited calling between locations.
  • Premium feature bundles – The NextLevel Voice platform offers businesses a feature set comparable with overpriced PBX solutions previously available only to large enterprises, including Business Class Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Web-based Administration, Auto-Attendant, Extension Dialing, Conference Bridges, Call Transfer, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Distinctive Ringing, and Multi-Site Support – all with Unlimited Domestic Calling plans available.
  • Straightforward billing – There is only one bill and point of contact for all local, long distance, and data services.  There is no costly investment or maintenance contract associated with an in-house PBX or Hybrid phone system – only flat rate, per seat pricing.
  • 24/7 support and service – NextLevel Internet prides itself on its customer retention and satisfaction providing world class service with USA-based support.


NextLevel Voice is now available to organizations looking for a flexible, secure, and highly functional voice solution.  For more information, please visit www.nextlevelinternet.com.

About NextLevel Internet

Founded in 1999, NextLevel Internet is a business-to-business co-location, Internet, voice, and managed data services provider that matches its customers’ needs with the highest quality deliverables and customer service available.  The company specializes in providing service to companies whose loss of Internet connection will result in the loss of life, money, or reputation.

NextLevel Internet provides only the best clear channel connectivity direct to a fully redundant Tier 1 Internet backbone with unbeatable value.  NextLevel Internet is managed and operated 24/7 by seasoned Internet and data professionals who understand that impeccable service is paramount.  Certified engineers (CCNA™, CCNP™, MCSE™) and highly trained personnel handle all client requests from complex design and build-out to simple routing, DNS, IP allocation, router replacement, and tail circuit issues directly and immediately.  NextLevel Internet monitors its network connections through its Network Operation Center (NOC) 24x7x365 using active and passive polling systems.

For more information on NextLevel Internet, call 858-836-0703 or visit www.nextlevelinternet.com.

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