Made Practical & Affordable for Business.


Start with the reliability and availability of a “private, fully managed” unified communications cloud originally built for medevacs and first responders.

We built it and manage it in world class data centers. We use fully redundant back-up systems and 24/7 proactive monitoring. Because we control the link, quality of service and 100% uptime is built-in from the start. It’s guaranteed.

Next, we made it practical and affordable for business’ to access the power of the NextLevel Cloud.

So we made it scalable and flexible to provide a full complement of integrated voice and data services for as few as 10 users to as many as 1,000 or more. Because we own the technology, we also made it easy to customize it to work the way your business works and future proof it, so you’re always taking advantage of the latest, constantly changing technology. And we made it easy to use and simple for a non-technical staff to manage their own communication system.

But most of all, we made it affordable and a cost-saving alternative to purchasing, managing and maintaining your own. No longer are you limited by aging equipment taking up valuable office space and becoming more obsolete with every passing day. With NextLevel, you always have the latest technology and capabilities with certified experts managing and keeping it that way. Leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on the business at hand. And not on IT concerns.


Finally, with NextLevel you get a team of seasoned Internet, telecom and data experts managing your system 24/7 to simplify your life and to make your business more productive.

Certified engineers and highly trained personnel handle all of your requests directly and immediately. When you call, you’ll get a USA-based, NextLevel professional who is knowledgeable of your system and ready to immediately assist you. And with NextLevel’s 24/7 proactive monitoring, if you’re having a problem, we’ll call you!

It’s all part of providing a better cloud, a better cloud experience and client service like no other.

It’s why we call it… NextLevel.